What is the AfricaList?

AfricaList is a premier Directory service for businesses and places of interest in Africa. Share your experiences on your travels and business across the continent through AfricaList today. Help others discover new and exciting places, activities, facts and services through you.

So whether you are business owner, manager, marketer or a hands on traveler eager to share some experience – AfricaList is the platform for you.

Join us today and make a listing on Africa's A List.




20 Categories to choose from
60 African Countries
180 Cities coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay to open an account?

To open an account with AfricaList is free. Simply click on SIGN IN; and register with your GooglePlus, Twitter or Facebook accounts or simply fill in the sign-up form and you are set.

Am I charged to make a post?

All accounts are able to make free posts. For the first 180 days after making a listing, all accounts can post as many places as possible, which will be live for a total of 180 days. After this period, unless the offer is extended or places unclaimed, all posted places will need to be renewed.

What charges exist on AfricaList?

AfricaList renews its charges regularly. Each package offers different charging options. Choose how many places or the package you want to list. Each paid package offers an opportunity to also post events to your listing.

How do I advertise with AfricaList?

To advertise with AfricaList, contact our Support Team for more information via

How do I add my city?

There are no cities listed at this time. AfricaList will include cities at a later point and will recommend to all users to update their listings by indicating the country and cities where each listing is located. All listed places will be prompted to update their details by adding a city or town if they wish to do so.